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The Technical Stuff
OXIDA Technologies recognises that animal health is maintained when the immune status of an animal is not compromised. A healthy immune system protects animals from the onslaught of diseases and metabolic problems. Commonly such problems are treated without correction of the underlying causal factors. OXIDA targets the cause of disease. OXIDA is a natural and sustainable remedy improving oxygen utilization in the animals body. Its proprietary formulation comprises readily available ingredients which help improve the immune system of the animal, kills pathogens and shifts the metabolism to an aerobic state, thus facilitating curing and prevention of diseases.

Oxida technologies also recognises, and is expanding the product application to include areas such as, human health and odour control.

Oxida Team

The team comprises a mix of diverse skills and experience, people sharing the same passion for natural remedies for humans and animals and a common goal to achieve excellence in this space. 

Collectively we have considerable experience and knowledge on the production and use of ozone-based products. As an introduction;

Dr Alexander Rodionov (PhD Chemist and MSc Chemical and Environmental Engineering) is the founder of the OXIDA Technologies, has extensive experience in animal and human nutrition, water and wastewater treatment, ozone related technologies. Alexander has pioneered the concept of Oxida, the development of the current products and the ongoing development of a growing and exciting product range.


Pierre de Villiers BSc (Agric) Agricultural Animal Science, Binst Agraricus, NZARN – NZ Association of Ruminant Nutritionists, is an experienced animal scientist with comprehensive international experience in dairy management, dairy nutrition, product management, animal welfare. Pierre has contributed extensively to the development and application of Oxida products, based on his extensive knowledge of animal nutrition and disease management.

Alan Petersen ex farmer (sheep, cattle and dairying for 15yrs), has on-farm experience with animal health and well-being. Since leaving the dairy sector Alan has been involved with R&D and entrepreneurial business development, and has contributed to investigation and application of Oxida in various sectors. Alan worked for 3 years as a business consultant for a specialist ozone company

John Sternberg BSc Civil Engineering, MSc Water and Wastewater, MBA – 35 years engineering and business experience including dairy effluent treatment, has contributed business and engineering skills and experience towards the development of the Oxida brand.


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