The Oxida product range currently includes preparations for skin conditioning, deodorising and odour control. The range is presently being expanded to include animal and human health products. All products are based on natural ozonised oils which have been hydrated for improved bioavailability.

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Oxi fresh

Oxi-Fresh is a natural hand and body deodoriser, sanitiser and skin moisturiser. Oxi-Fresh is based on natural ozonised and hydrated plant oils. When applied to skin, the preparation selectively eliminates undesirable smells (from fish, fish bait, meat, decaying organic matter, etc), whereas the lipid base of the product acts as a moisturiser and protector from elements, with a mild soothing effect. Oxi-Fresh may also reduce inflammation due to its bacteriocidal, fungicidal and virucidal properties.

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Oxi balm

Oxi-Balm is a natural skin conditioner to treat (for example) eczema, cuts, grazes, bruises, cold sores and other skin conditions. Oxi-Balm is, based on natural ozone-treated and hydrated plant oils and other natural additives.

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Oxi Heal LG
Oxi-Heal and Oxi-Heal LG are topical treatment for a variety of conditions used for animal health.